I have seen postings about things in Bleach that make no sense to people and all that. I have some things on my mind as well. Here I will state them and then explain my logic behind why I find them to be weird. With respect to Kubo some things just are quite odd in the series.

1.) Why do opponents explain to each other what their abilities can do?

Now if your talking to your ally, friend, mentor, student or whatever have you I can see this making sense. But Why would you explain to someone what your abilities are? Logically if your fighting someone you want to take them out and if they don't know what your capable of it is all the more easier to do. But in certain situations I can see where it would not matter, but some are obvious keep your mouth shut situations.
  • Katen Kyokatsu's special ability. Why would Shunsui explain what it does to Starrk, why would he even tell him the rules, especially when they can be equally used against him?
  • Sakanda special ability. Why would Shinji tell Aizen how his ability works, that makes no sense, he could have easily ended the battle by just using it to decapitate Aizen. He didn't have to say anything about affecting the senses or what it does.

2.) Why does it seem that captains with apparent weaknesses, dont have a counter attack or plan to use to compensate for those weaknesses ?

  • Soifon's Bankai while powerful has all the drawbacks that she states. So she does know its failings. Now apparently it only hits straight on, she can barely use it more then once and its heavy and cumbersome for someone so small. It has a huge recoil and her only counter is to either not use it all or tie herself to the nearest support. In either case if she misses she is screwed cause she has depleted alot of energy to use it and it also her only ranged attack so if she can't get in close she is useless.
  • Komamura's Bankai while powerful if he doesn't land a blow and his bankai is successfully attacked then he is damaged as well, in the same manner. Now if he was fighting someone faster or more powerful he is done for. He apparently has no counter at all for this its either take the opponent out or risk getting taken out himself.
  • Tosen's Bankai while powerful in its own right, as seen when dealing with an opponent that can't be taken out so easily it flawed when you know enough to get in close and grab the handle of his sword. Now even though this is unlikely, he apparently took his time taking on an opponent. (Why rush, you have all the time in the world, its not like the opponent can fight back). But you never know what your up against.

3.) Why when finding out the treasonous actions of Aizen did they try to capture him?

Now the obvious reason for many of use is that if not there would have been either no more story or the creation of a different story without resolving some things about Aizen, Gin and Tosen. But lets suspend belief a second and say this guy through your entire society into chaos. Fatally attacked 2 captains and 2 lieutenants. Killed your judicial branch entirely. By and large is responsible for the hollowfication of 4 captains, 4 lieutenants. The deaths of some 9th division members. The framing of 2 innocent captains. Now granted at the time the stuff from 100 years ago was unknown but the point being is that what needs to be explained. He is manipulative and dangerous and Soifon and Yoruichi should have killed him then and there (Assuming they could), while he was using no illusions.

4.) If the power of Soul Society are the captains, why wouldn't you fill the 3 positions left open?

This has never made sense to me. Now I know its not easy finding someone of captain skill and they are all preparing for war. But really if your down to lets say 70% why not do all you can to get back up to full operational order. Also considering that you lose 4 captains in another dimension so lets say your now down to 30% full strength with some lieutenant level support. So as it stands they made it through with about that much getting boosted by the arrival of the Vizards and then that 30% really shows it safe as the hole in an otherwise formidable armor. Just seems the past months was a whole lot of sitting around when you could have been done some replacements.

5.) Considering you know how manipulative, powerful, and tactical Aizen is and you also know that pretty much everyone at some point has seen his Shikai release. Why wouldn't you come up with a better plan to take him on?

This had to be the biggest beyond belief fumble of the series. If something as old as Soul Society existed and it had a organization built around handling its military operation as well as "universal duty" it would stand to reason it has some real heavy hitters looking out for its interests. Then why is it so hard for beings hundreds of years old with centuries of military combat and tactics experience and powers that could wipe out the earth just as much save it, can't seem to come up with a viable plan to take on one renegade power mad shinigami and his cohorts?

Now the initial plan is they prepare for war. Im not sure what this means, they dont use guns or missiles so there is no stock piling of weapons. They dont need to recruit more men, thats just throwing people you know arent gonna survive at a problem (which begs the question why even have divisions? when nobody below a lieutenant ever fights the serious threats, for the most part). So what were they really preparing for?

Then they decide we will replace the real town with an exact replica. Why? If the pillars holding the replica there are destroyed, which seems to only take one collapsing to happen, the real town comes back anyway.

Then there's the part where you know that at some point eveyones seen his release so whats the point of fighting if it maybe an illusion. Yet still they were all standing there at Aizen's arrival as if it would make a difference. It did in part but apparently not for long.

The most ridiculous idea is, lets use Ichigo as the trump card. Now we all can state that this is the very likely as he is the main protagonist. The issue here is that he is new to this. He wins by luck half the time. He doesn't have the resolve to kill his opponent unless they are hollows. He barely can properly control his reiatsu. He doesn't know how to fully use all his abilities and if all that wasn't enough It has already been proven that sheer force will not take down Aizen, which is his main tactic in combat along with His speed. But once again we can suspend belief because he might succeed as he has vast rieatsu that can probably surpass Aizen? He has a new powerful form (He doesn't control) and he has not seen Aizen's shikai release (yet though unaffected, he did nothing to stop Momo from getting attacked when the others were manipulated by it).

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