So I just picked up Bleach: Soul Resurreccion I have had some up and downs with it.

Story: My issue with the story mode is that its a huge rush issue. They have taken key points in the series and while I know its not gonna span 10 years or even months. I would think that it would be nice to not be rushed. Its like one major battle after the next. With inaccuracies with how the battle happened in some cases. Sui-Feng v Barragen, Hitsugaya v Harribel, Shunsui v Starrk. They skipped over a bunch of other Battles. While Ichigo v Grimmjow, Kenpachi v Nnoitra and Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra were spot on epic with the story. Though they did dumb the fights down. Im not sure exactly why, they jump right to Grimmjow Barragan, Starrk, Harribel and Ulquiorra in their resureccion forms (Ulquiorra only in his second). This was weird as though there was no fighting before any of them released.

Game Play: It would have been nice to get a action RPG/Hack & Slash. What In all the feel of play reminds me of Dynasty Warriors which im a huge fan of and play without end. Though I feel the abilities are limited and thrown in there were some could have been done differently. I think each characters combat ability is defiantly spot on which is expected.

Characters: The character designs are right but I have issues with some the things. Alot of characters where just dismissed for the one on one aspect of the game.

  • Ichigo: He is good in design and at first I was put off by the fact that he was in bankai mode already then I remembered thats usual for Ichigo. His projectile attack is a getsuga tensho and does the necessary damage. His powerup mode has him put on the Hollow Mask (accurate) and then the main attack is his Getsuga Tensho while Hollowfied (accurate).
  • Sui-Feng: Has a good design and her use of hakuda is accurate as well as epic she does an amazing job with the combat. She uses suzumebachi just as she normally does which is awesome. She throws darts which is also cool. My biggest issue is with her bankai, too fast, you miss everything if you blink and its also as far as a design too small. Its supposed to be bigger then her in the game its at most a foot higher I think.
  • Uryu: He is good in design but my issue is its common knowledge that Quincy use bow and arrows and not a sword. So why is his basic attack him using the seele schneider. You would think the basic attack is him using his bow. This makes no sense if you do use the bow you are using spiritual energy which depletes in a few shots.
  • Kenpachi: Awesome, totally awesome nuff said. Just a beast in the game what else can you expect.

Thats all for now Ill come back with some more thoughts after playing the game some more.

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