I actually was really into this weeks chapter. Yamamoto showing himself and revealing he set Aizen up, even allowing the others to possibly get messed up and sacrifice themselves in the end, if need be to get rid of the evil. Good plan.

I also liked how Aizen admitted in a one on one battle he had no way of defeating him as Yama's strength far overpowers his, the captain-commander is truly the only one who could take him out. Which someone allows me to finally realize that Aizen is not personally overpowered just stronger then the other captains primarily due to his overpowered zanpakuto. (Maybe Yama should be the god he has no choice but to believe in, not likely Aizen is to self-absorbed to follow his own philosophy.)

What I had issue is what happened with the fight between Kensei and Wonderweiss? when did wonderweiss release? But I think the biggest issue is that the ending seemed unrealistic. I mean yea on one count it makes some sense that there would be some sort of plan to take on the captain-commander. But what gets me is Aizen made one specific Arrancar with one specific ability for one specific zanpakuto. That really doesn't seem at all practical. He literally is relying on Wonderweiss to reduce the ability of the only one capable of taking him out. If this was a smart or foolish move is questionable, we will have to wait and see. Another issue is that there is no way Ichigo can take on 3 or 2 people of high power there has to be some resolution to that.

But over all I like wonderweiss finally featured but its really ridiculous that his power is based on defeating the one person aizen can't. Another Interesting note is that Aizen doesn't consider Unohana a combatant.

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