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  • SakuraKarakura

    Just to throw this analysis out here because of the "twist" in the plot

    CH 396 - The beginning a long series of explanation. I actually think it's not too far-fetched and that it was planned, if not from the very beginning then since the Arrancar arc. There were subtle hints in the manga/anime that relates to Aizen's "planning":

    • Back when Ishida was using his hollow bait to have his showdown with Ichigo, he stated that his hollow bait would NOT attract that many hollows, let alone a Menos Grande. This can be explained if someone sent the hollows there. [side note: Urahara said that "this battle is a crucial battle. As crucial to you [Rukia], as it will be for him." So it either meant that Urahara saw Ichigo's potential, or that Urahara foresa…

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