hey guys

I was looking through some of the other articles on the wiki and there was a common thing that I kept seeing. I kept seeing that people think that the hollow inside Ichigo was his bankai. I personally dont agree with this and wanted to know what everyone thinks of my idea and maybe have a nice discussion about it.

I think that the hollow inside Ichigo is not actually his zanpakto but Ichigo's quincy blood was simply using the hollows abilities to make ichigo strong without him actually becoming a shinigami. What if in all actuality Ichigo was a little bit of everything: quincy, hollow, and shinigami? I mean his dad was a full on shinigami and his mother was a pure blooded quincy who had a hollow sealed inside her. Plus on top of that while Ichigo was in Hueco Mundo Ulquiorra even said that Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou was just like the arrancar's cero.

Now after reading my thoughts I am curious as to what everyone else thinks of them and what they believe will happen with Ichigo's powers in the future.

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