• Rtv3214

    Ichigo's powers

    September 4, 2014 by Rtv3214

    hey guys

    I was looking through some of the other articles on the wiki and there was a common thing that I kept seeing. I kept seeing that people think that the hollow inside Ichigo was his bankai. I personally dont agree with this and wanted to know what everyone thinks of my idea and maybe have a nice discussion about it.

    I think that the hollow inside Ichigo is not actually his zanpakto but Ichigo's quincy blood was simply using the hollows abilities to make ichigo strong without him actually becoming a shinigami. What if in all actuality Ichigo was a little bit of everything: quincy, hollow, and shinigami? I mean his dad was a full on shinigami and his mother was a pure blooded quincy who had a hollow sealed inside her. Plus on top of tha…

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