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  • RoyalGuard-Elite

    Isshin's Shikai

    October 14, 2013 by RoyalGuard-Elite

    I notice on his character page it is listed as streams of energy but I thought it was fire. I know your saying well what would be the difference between Yamamoto's and his? Here is what I think, Yamamoto's fire seemed more like hellfire you know. Even his techniques have hell in them. His name is even a reference to the hindu God of death Yama who is seen as the ruler of hindu version of hell. I see the flames that Isshin produces more like holy flames. I think that can also be seen in their color which im judging from his getsuga tensho are a light bluish white color. I mean isshin's release command is burn, I just don't think that is energy running on his blade but holy fire which is a complete opposite to Yamamotos hellfire and may have…

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  • RoyalGuard-Elite

    Kenpachi Shikai

    September 13, 2013 by RoyalGuard-Elite

    We all know Kenpachi's shikai is a constant release type like ichigo's, im just wondering now that he is able to communicate with his zanpakuto and has most likely learned its name do you guys think his shikai appearance will change. I think it has to because it was stated the only reason his sword looks damaged is because of his disconnection with his zanpakuto. Now that they are connected im sure his shikai will change much like the evolution of ichigos shikai, even though ichigos situation was very different but you guys get what im trying to say. Also im sorry but in know way do I think Unohana actually is dead. I mean call it speculation but I would wager saying she is dead is just as speculative. I mean come on this is a series where…

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  • RoyalGuard-Elite


    February 4, 2013 by RoyalGuard-Elite

    So I was just wondering what do you guys think about the Asauchi. Im referring to them not being physical manifestations. When Ichigo said they were the physical manifestations I thought spot on ichigo but then oetsu says "so close no there not really manifestations but that will do for now". Well what are they really what do you guys think, and also why does none of the zero division have their zanpakuto's on their person. I have not seen any of them with a zanpakuto. So I would like to hear you guys thoughts about these things.

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