• Rocconorth

    Um...Am i the only one that looked closely at the color art of "past Unohanna" on page 2 of the current manga? You know...the one where she's weilding a bloody sword with the tornado coming down and creatures swirling about it. Look at the cloud where the tornado is coming out of. Doesn't it look a lot like Minazuki...the shikai of Unohanna's zampakto? Look at it! One diamond like shaped eye and a somewhat similar manta ray shape only black and and ominus. That's clearly a rendering of Unohanna's bankai. Look at it! Her shikai is for healing and her bankai is for killing. I can't believe nobody noticed this!!! I'd go so far as to say that we've officially been treated to our first look at a new captain class bankai. We just don't …

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