• RexGodwin

    SO i was reading the newest chapter and realized that the "new guy", Stern Ritter D, Askin Nakk Le Vaar, totally resembles this guy from 494: [1] (who totally has the same big lips, nose and you can even see a strand of black hair on his left side)

    and he also has the same hair as the guy who fought Ukitake, too.

    It would make sense, as both of these aforementioned Quincys haven't been accounted for since, and we have seen all the others.

    Also its pretty obvious the creepy eye-staff black Quincy is the same as the one who attacked the RDI during the invasion. (same laugh.) Plus he looks creepy and the fact that he attacked the RDI makes it seem like he will be going up against Mayuri in the future, a perfect Quincy counterpart for Captain Kur…

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  • RexGodwin

    Arc name...

    June 25, 2011 by RexGodwin

    Was wondering what the newest arc title was refering to. At first i thought it was Ichigo (Lost Shinigami representitive - he lost his powers, not a Shinigami anymore, etc.) But for some odd reason i have a feeling that the unknown Shinigami that was working with Tsukishimas Xcution might be who its referring too. Now, you might say, but he was killed by Tsukishima! Well, its not the first time we were told someone was dead who turned out to be alive. Then we have this mysterious Shinigami plotting with Isshin and Urahara.. Theres definitly something fishy going on here. I think if this other former Substitute Shinigami was the Arcs real main villain it would be interesting; serving as a contrast to Ichigo, both being former Substitute Shi…

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