Who would make a better couple IchiRuki or RukiRen? Personally i think rukia and renji because they are much more compatible but ichigo and rukia have good points too. Here are the sides of both arguments.


Renji x Rukia

Grew up together in childhood

Both are shinigami

both have shown considerable feeling to each other

renji has already shown romantic feeling to rukia

Ichigo x Rukia

Rukia made ichigo shinigami.

both have best friend relationship

ichigo and rukia are always around each other

ichigo went to save her from the SS

when kon tried to assault rukia she blushed when he landed on her in ichigo's body suggesting feeling


Renji x Rukia

incompatible personalities

Ichigo x Rukia

Orihime likes Ichigo

it is shounen so it could not have an romance set in it

too much of a thick head to notice

likes orihime better because he went to save her in Hueco Mundo

he might be the type just to protect and not think about love in order to protect his loved ones.

Plz leave your comment below.

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