My friends and me were talking about something at school:

If Izuru lightly scratches something over and over again, like a rock,

without destroying it, shouldn't it be able to become so heavy

that it actually sinks through the ground, to the earth's core,

melting and creating a small vulcano? Or if he slashes the world's

largest building, over and over and over again, to make a really big vulcano?

OR EVEN BETTER, if he slashes something so often, so quickly it actually

becomes so heavy it brings the entire planet out of orbit??

Wabisuke is one of my favorites ~.~ But shouldn't this ability make it

more powerful then even Ryuujin Jakka? Ryuujin Jakka can destroy the

earth, but it takes some effort (release, and fly all over the friggin' earth

while released) and with wabisuke, all you really have to do is slash

a couple of times, or even just scratch something a couple of times.

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