Hey there everyone in land!

I recently posted a blog post here with the question "Who wants to help me with a little project?" Well, the same question is asked here, along with some extra information and a few pictures. Brace yourself!

I recently tried to draw Ulquiorra in chibi form, and I think it worked out pretty well. If you look at the picture below, you can see that even though the katana failed, which also caused his belt to be white instead of black, the picture is at the very least recognizable as Ulquiorra. That made me happy. Right now, I'm trying to learn how to draw Grimmjow, Aizen & co. so I can start making small comics. If I have my head set upon something, I will not let go unless I am forced to! I wanted to ask once again if there is anyone here who would want to help me -- I got a single person who wanted to help me to comment on my last blog post, and I would like to thank him or her with whole my heart, but I don't think backgrounds will really help this project. However, I think being able to draw isn't just an ability - it can be learned, as well. I know for a fact that Lia and her family are able to draw quite well, as we saw in the drawings she posted on her user page, so I'd at the very least like to hear her opinion on this. To everyone who would like to help me with this project: Gambarre! (I don't know the real phonetics, but that is what it sounds like - I wanted to say "try hard") And please contact me if you want to help. Also, if you have an idea for a comic, please comment on this blog post! We're getting there!

As I am currently listening to the new ending of the anime, I also decided to dedicate part of this blog post to the new anime opening and ending. The opening sure took a while to get used to, seeing as how different it is compared to the other openings we have had so far. But, if you pay attention to the art work in the opening sequence, I feel you will learn to appreciate it if you watch it a few times. Quite different from the ending, though. This is the first time in a long time that I'm actually content with the ending song. The first time I listened to it, I immediatly replayed the entire song because I found the art work AMAZING and the song AWESOME. It's nothing like we have ever had before. It is pure art. It seems like Bleach is on a winning streak, with five awesome chapters in a row and the new ending and opening on top of that. This will surely renew some of the interest many lost because of Aizen's overpoweredness in the months now past. I think TV or LemursRules graded the opening and ending with a ten and a nine. I'm not as nice as they are, but despite that, they are both at the very least worth an eight each.

Anyways, no one can really wait until the next chapter, so I guess there is no need to discuss that right now. My boredom has gone away thanks to my new project (luckily) and I feel great! I feel so great I actually thought of something I really hadn't thought of before -- when I read, personally, I like to have a picture of someone talking or the scene that is described in the book in my head. So I have a picture of myself posted here. Please don't bash my appearance -- I know, I'm the king of Nerdness.

Add ImageUlquiorra, without colour.
Add ImageHello, everyone at!

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