I've been seeing a lot of strange things in Bleach lately. So I'm just going to list them up:

1) Problems with Kurotsuchi Mayuri:

First of all, his Superhuman Drug. Apparently, his Bankai had it in it so he could (when he

eats someone/-thing, apply the drug to that person. But then, shouldn't it have affected it as

well? Also, since his Bankai is organic, why didn't Szayel Aporro use THAT to resurrect?

I'd say it makes sense to get rid of the strongest enemy first...But then again, he used it to

attack Mayuri, so that was probably his plan.

2) Problems with Ichigo:

Mainly his Bankai, really. His bankai is supposed to disappear when his injuries get greater,

and he loses more spiritual power. But in his Grimmjow fight, and later against Nnoitra and Tesla, his bankai is seen undamaged. Does this mean he just wanted to lie around for a while 0_0...Secondly, his fight with Ulquiorra was all messed up. In his first fight with him (not including Ulquiorra and Yammy vs. a lot of people) Ulquiorra blovked about 5 Getsuga Tenshou's with bare hands, only to have them shot past him without any real injuries. In the second fight, Ulquiorra gets beaten to crap by Ichigo's Inner Hollow. I though Ichigo's Inner Hollow was supposed to grow with Ichigo, stay at the same level. But he was like, 50 times stronger. Then how did he lose the "I wanna fight" battle? He could've just taken over Ichigo and do anything he wants; since he IS the hollow, he doesn't have to be afraid the hollow takes him over :P

3)Nelliel tu Oderswank problems (related to all Espada):
Ok, so the only problem I could find was this:

Nelliel changing to a child after having her SE (spirit energy) flown out of her through her mask. I think this is linkable to some Espada disappearing after defeat, and some staying materialized. I think that if just a part of the SE after death flows out of the body, the body will stay materialized in it's normal form. This is linkable to at least Aaroniero since he ate so many hollow, he is simply thousands of different entities, making his defeat in one body insufficient, since all the hollow he absorbed should have a much higher combined reiatsu, keeping his body intact. If this is true then at the "arrancar" page this ability should be listed, since if it works for some it can be listed as an optional ability. (or smthing like that)...

4) Aaroniero Aruruerie problems:

This is linked to Aizen's tactics.

Since Aaroniero could evolve without limits, if Aizen would've simply stayed in SS, he could've let Aaroniero get ungodly strong, and defeat SS with just that one Espada. But Aizen left before Aaroniero could get the time to become this ungodly strong. Does this mean Aizen simply left a flaw in his tactics, or did he mean for Aaroniero to get killed? Maybe Aizen was a little afraid of Aaroniero for his ability, which would eventually make him stronger than even Aizen. I did think of the possibility Aaroniero just came after Aizen's departure, but since Aaroniero was one of the original Espada, I don't think this was the case. Either way, I hope we get an explanation.

5) The invasion of Hueco Mundo problems:

Again linked to Aizen's tactics. Even though Aizen could've known his Espada would be defeated, he did nothing against it. A mass Espada attack on the group before the captains arrived, with the stronger Espada included, would've easily killed all of them (Ichigo's group). But once more, Aizen thought otherwise. I know he was luring some people into Hueco Mundo, but if he had just killed Ichigo's group and went to Karakura Town with all Arrancars, he might've actually won, overpowering them with sheer numbers. I think he would've at least managed to kill one or two luitenants, which is better than his current results.Unless, once more, Aizen wanted them to be killed, for what purpose is yet to be seen. I'm getting really confused.

6) Wonderweiss vs. Kensei and Mashiro

We just haven't seen them for a while. This is a problem, because since Wonderweiss is not one of the Espada and he's going up against a Vizard with bankai, shouldn't he have lost a long time ago, or at least released? We haven't seen or heard from them in ages! This is quite bothersome, since I think Wonderweiss is the only Vasto Lorde in Aizen's army (just speculation based on what we have seen). Maybe Wonderweiss has just been dodging all of Kensei's attacks, maybe he is just pretending to be dumb. Which is my hope, of course :)

Will continue on this later, still not finished :S

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