Okay, so we're now in the second week without Bleach. Despite not being bored anymore because of my new project, I am now officially frustrated. Not just because there is no Bleach chapter, and we F******* WANT TO SEE WHAT THE NEXT ARC IS ABOUT, but also because my pen (yes, I draw with a pen) broke when I was in the middle of a drawing, my brother stole my notebook, and I noticed I had more homework then I anticipated. Yes, a few of the frames are rushed work. And I don't care. I tried to get it done in time, I spent only two days trying to learn how to draw, two days looking for a scanner and three days for the actual frames. I don't even think a lot of people will like it, because the actual joke is Death Note Anime related. Anyways, I'm rambling again. If I get five positive comments on this, I'll make another one, which will probably look better because my autumn break is coming up and I have a lot of free time. If I get five negative comments, I'll drop the project. If I get 10 positive comments, I'll think something up to do then :P Oh, by the way, the last frame is REALLY rushed. The character in the right bottom corner is Yagami Light from Death Note. In case you don't know, watch the last scene from the Death Note first season opening. That's what it's based off. That guy on top of the hill is Aizen, by the way, but I really need a scanner for better quality -.-"

I guess I should also dedicate a part of this blog to the latest anime episode. It was a really great episode, seeing Aizen kill everyone around him was really great. Although I don't get why he was "caught" when Rose caught him with his shikai and Lisa tried to hit him with Higurotonbo. I mean, seriously, she lost all her momentum when he stopped her. The only think restraining him was Rose's shikai, and that couldn't have been enough to hold him longer then a few milliseconds. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT AIZEN HERE!! Other then that, it was a really great episode. Pretty touching when Hinamori was stabbed. Pretty shocking when Hitsugaya became enraged (you have encountered: Angry Hitsugaya! and the Shinigami work diary was absolutely AWESOME! I laughed SO HARD when I saw it was really just Aizen's shikai ability. Then again, I don't get why he didn't think it strange that when he and the captains were fighting with Aizen he was suddenly teleported to an English ornaments store. I would've been more WTF and less HURRAY!

Oh, one more thing. If you are going to give a comment, please give me some building comments (I don't know how to say that in English XD), comments that would help me get better at this stuff.

Finally (I'll stop boring you after this) I'd like to repeat my question from the past three blog posts: Who is willing to help me with this project? Currently, two people have signed in for helping me, and I want to really thank them for that. I hope more people will respond to this.

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