Okay, so... What's the deal with this new opening?


I counted them - 3 plot twists, 2 yet unseen Bankai's, 5 unseen releases, one very large


WITH ULQUIORRA!! Ulquiorra actually shoots 19 (if I counted correctly) Lanzador del Relampago's, and missed them all. Orihime looked like she was batting off the hand that came towards her, which is obviously Ulquiorra's, as if she despises him. (not a PERSON in this world OR in the Soul Society is allowed to despise Ulqui, Aizendammit!) Mashiro is seen fighting with WonderWeiss, Kensei is shown in Bankai, Starrk released, Halibel released, Ulquiorra released, Barragan released, Soifon is shown in Bankai, briefly in the end, Ichigo Full Hollow Form is seen, the arrival of the vizards is shown, Ichigo's new hollow mask is shown briefly, and Yammy in resurreccion, some of the vizards are seen killing Menos which haven't appeared yet...And Orihime's head looks like a friggin' balloon. Plus she seems to be eating her own hair (nibble nibble :P) SHE'S NOT ONE OF MY FAVORITES, BUT SHE ISN'T A FRIGGIN' guinea pig! Wait, I'm not done just yet! Barragan is seen with his crown, indicating he was a king, but only referring, not actually showing...When the Vizards summon their Zanpaktou, it looks like Mashiro is punching in slowmotion...Ichigo's new mask is seen, as well as the short Yammy vs Kenpachi vs Byakuya-fight. There was an indication of which of the Arrancar leaders would survive (Tousen is seen next to Hisagi, while Gin is seen in the background with Aizen, Yamamoto and Shinji, showing that he will probb. die first). The song is nice, but why is Ichigo seen flying high through the sky in the beginning? He doesn't do that at all! And what the F*CK was that freak Kurotsuchi doing with his fony-bony head right in front of the camera? SCARED THE CR*P OUTTA ME!!!

Okay, said pretty much everything that was on my mind. I have more to say, but it can wait. For now. Muhaha.

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