Okay, so, my last post was deleted (my fault, I should've read the spoiler policy) but now, since the chapter is now out on at the

very least one site (mangafox) I think I can write this all over again :)

Ok, so, I was kind of surprised, even though I read the spoiler. I did not expect for Hinamori to go this way, meaning the spoiler I read was wrong,

since she didn't shatter along with a lot of ice from Hitsugaya. She won't die, because heal blabla, Orihime Hacchi Unohana....

But I would've liked to see her Bankai in this battle. Like, since the name of her zanpaktou is flying plume, I think it's going to be a swarm

of phoenix's (pure speculation). Aizen is back to the supergod status, which I personally am happy with, and Ichigo looked as dumb as

any other time. He screamed a little bit too late...

I don't have much time now, so I'll add some things later.

Part 2

Okay, I'm back. I have to thank Aizen; he got rid of a lot of *** characters really quick. Komamura and Lisa, I mean. Too bad for Shinji.

He was getting interesting. I figured "maybe he will resurrect!" or something like that. But no. He gets cut down easily. Yamamoto didn't really do much again.

Too bad, I thought I had more time. Part 3 coming this evening!

Part 3

Back again. Okay, so one of my last points: when did Aizen switch? I personally think he switched when he saw Hitsugaya trying to trap him with ice,

so he flashstepped away and had Momo get hit, also by Soifon's attack and by Shunsui's attack. Then, he watched from a distance, made sure noone

would have to feel suspicious (by using his own reiatsu to temporarily keep Momo alive as she was being attacked by three Captains and a Vizard, meaning he

made a barrier with his reiatsu to stop the attacks (first two) from hitting Momo and had Hitsugaya kill her, and made it look like all the attacks hit with his

special ability) and when Hitsugaya hit stepped in, to deliver maximum shock and damage. So it comes down to tactics, not strength. He's not a god, just

a very good tactician. It was kind of fun though, seeing the captains get al overexcited, thinking they had killed Aizen and "Gin would be next"...Teehee!

It really does surprise me that Ichigo didn't step in, I knew he was slow-minded, but this goes a little far 0_0 would've been fun if someone said to Ichigo

something like "ya know, you could've helped us" then slams him in the face and makes him tumble down to the city below :):):) Yama-jii was kind of sad

this chapter, because he didn't show up at all...I thought he would've at least went to help Shunsui, but he just couldn't :( I think the only way left to win is to

Yama-jii use bankai, Unohana use bankai, and Ichigo try to tackle Aizen, which of course wouldn't work out for him, so he could just work as a decoy ;)

That's it, I'm done. When the next chapter comes out I'll be sure to be enraged again :}

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