Ok, so this is the first week without a new Bleach chapter...And I must say, I'm absolutely bored out of my mind. I'm so bored I actually started reading romantic manga. Of which, I must say, the funniest is Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. But that's not the point. The point is, I'm really, really bored. Lemursrules started a new weekly blog post about anime episodes (well done, I've been wanting to do that for a year now, but was to lazy to 0_0) which seems to keep most people amused. I'm not. I've read a bunch of blog posts from years ago again. Still bored. I'm ACTUALLY watching the Bount Arc again, right at this moment. I'!!!

I thought about a Bleach comic with super deformed versions of my favorite Bleach characters. Yeah, it would be about Uquiorra. Still don't know for sure if I'm going to do it though. It would be a pain in the b*tt to try to learn how to draw them. I'm not such a bad drawer. I'm just lazy. Really. Really lazy. Oh well. If anyone has a funny idea for such a comic, you can post it here, I'll look at it. I need some motivation.

And I'm SUPER INTERESTED in the next chapter!! Everyone knows the next arc will be about Ichigo regaining some kind of power, whether it is his Shinigami power or not. But since I've read almost the ENTIRE manga again, I'd really like to see if Gin is alive or not. They weren't very clear about that. He walked away. That's all they showed us, and that was a flashback of some time when it was snowing. I think he died. Tinni won't agree.

I'll post one of my drawings here later. If someone recognizes it, yes, I saw it on YouTube and decided to draw it myself. I failed at the chin. Is there anyone here who would want to help me make a Bleach comic? I know Lia is a good drawer, but she seems busy right now, since she isn't commenting as much anymore as she used to. I guess no one is, since it's a two week break. KSAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, I got Bleach 4th: Flame Bringer for the Nintendo DS. I finished the first two stages with ease, S-rank and the Hell Butterfly obtained. But after that, you have to do a puzzle with Urahara. That wouldn't have been such a big problem, but it's all in Japanese and I can't find a capable translator or ANY walkthrough, for that matter. Why aren't there any walkthroughs? I don't know. They probably are there, but they're all in Japanese. Yeah, that's helpful. That was the problem in the first place. I'm rambling on about things you guys really don't care about.

Anyways, I really haven't done a whole lot concerning Bleach, lately. I've really been preoccupied with school and chess. Yes, chess. Are there even other people that play that game anymore? I've seen a video on YouTube about Hitsugaya playing chess. It was pretty funny. I've seen tons of AMV's for UlquiHime. Yes, I'm an UlquiHime fan. THE GUY DESERVES SOME LOVE, FOR ULQUIORRA'S SAKE!! I've seen Bleach singing the Beer song in five different video's. I've seen Ulquiorra sing the emo song, though that was rather...degrading...I've seen ten Bleach-on-Crack video's. FAR, FAR MORE Bleach Guy video's (a mix of Bleach and Family Guy). And I'm still really...really bored...I mean, seriously. Couldn't he have chosen a better time to go on a break? There isn't even a chess tournament or something like that these few weeks! There's absolutely nothing to do!

I should stop talking now. I just want to congratulate LemursRules for finding something to do. I want to ask all of you to come up with funny ideas for a Bleach comic. And those of you who are good at drawing, of course. It would be pretty fun to make a Bleach Comic Club or something. I'm crying I'm so bored.
Snapshot 20100921

Please don't laugh at me :)

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