hi y'all!

My brother got the idea of starting an Episode Rating Assosiation, and I thought: maybe I could propose it to some Wikia members here ;) Some kind of a club that rates episodes end manga chapters. We could discuss every episode and then, based on the conclusions, give it a grade and write that down on the article for the episode/chapter. If someone thinks this is a good idea, please comment ;) If someone wants to help, plz write down your name below. If one of the admins has a problem, plz tell me, I don't want to do anything that goes against the rules...


ULQUIORRA RULES AND I BET HE IS STILL ALIVE!!! I came up with two new theories that would suggest Ulquiorra is still alive! First of all, he was sent to Soul Society because he was cleansed by a (partially) shinigami! Second of all, Aizen's bankai is the godlike ability of creation, and he created an alternate Ulquiorra with his bankai, and made that one get killed by Ichigo, while the real Ulquiorra and all of the other Espada are destroying Soul Society as we speak. (you know, double diversion, first Orihime, then the Ouken, while his real goal was SS!) Pure speculation, of course.

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