Aizen is going to get his butt kicked now, oh yes! This is what we've been waiting for - Hollowfied Kurosaki Ichigo vs. Evolved Aizen Sosuke, the battle of the year, no, the millennium! With this last chapter, which came out 15 minutes ago, I have decided for myself that all the Hogyoku did to Aizen was to give him increased defensive and regenerative abilities. And, of course, a MASSIVE increase in reiatsu. And now, Ichigo once again challenges Aizen, it seems like neither one has had a haircut in months! All I can say is, I'm really rooting for Ichigo. It was fun with Aizen, but it's about time to let him die. He was a great villain, but no worries - - Tite Kubo already confirmed he has ways to continue the story, with or without him. Ichigo's newfound strength is already quite impressive, since he was able to pretty much teleport to a different place in the blink of an eye, even when holding Aizen as a weight. So at the very least, his strength and speed have improved. His outfit improved, too, by the way. He looks far more threatening now then ever before. The only thing I did not like about this chapter was the reaction from Ichi-co's friends.I would've thought they would have started asking questions, at the least. But, oh well, I can't wait 'till next week. I'M SO EXCITED!!!

Just had to make a blog post on this. I wonder if I'm the first, since it has only been half an hour now since the chapter was released.

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