We're doomed. We're totally doomed. Ichigo Kurosaki vs Almighty Aizen. We're SO doomed!

I mean, Yamamoto using his own drained-to-the-bone body to attack Aizen, and Ichigo's reaction

to that (let's attack!) totally failed. Even though Yamamoto isn't dead, and neither is Momo (if they'd

died we would get tons of flashback chapters) this is still seriously messed up. I figured Aizen would get

his ass kicked but apparently not. I don't get why Aizen won't just Bankai up already, I mean, if his

goal is to obliterate a one spirit mile radius, and his bankai is powerful enough to destroy such an area,

then wouldn't he have won the second he started using bankai? Aizen vs Ichigo is somehow going to

end well for Ichigo, even though in reality he could never win. Aizen revealing all of the battle's were his

doing also bothers me. He actually MADE ULQUIORRA FIGHT ICHIGO AND GET KILLED!!!!!!!!!

I'M SO F*CKING PISSED OFF!!!!!!!! AIZEN!!!!!!*GNAWRL* (quote Komamura).

He's going to use Ichigo somehow, which, by the way, seems like a fun thing, Hate Ichigo, so if

Aizen says something like "you have a thousand souls stored in your body and I'm going to obliterate

you here and now" I'll be really happy. But now I'm pissed.

Ps: does someone know if a Bleach-Chessbord exists?

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