Yes, it is out already :D

I TOLD you all! I made a blogpost about a year ago, about Wonderweiss being special, but not a single

one of you commented, so I figured you didn't believe me!

This does bring up some questions though. First of all, where the **** is Kensei? Did he just die or something?

Second of all, even without Ryuujin Jakka, Wonderweiss still did stop a slash from ol' head Captain here.

He is possibly stronger then at least some of the fraccion, since he stopped the blade barehandedly.

Third of all, can we really state we have seen the actual Arrancar Creation Process? It turns out Wonderweiss

is different, modified, so the process of creation could've changed completely with him. Furthermore, the Captains

slashed in two (^^) lying on the ground whitnessing the fight. I didn't realize we had already run out of captains!

Let's go to the store to buy some new ones, maybe pickled or captains that taste like french fries!

I love Wonderweiss (figurally speaking (but still a lot less then Ulquiorra))!

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