Hi everyone! I haven't been online in a while, but now I really

want to ask something...

In the latest anime chapter, when Kenpachi is hit by Tenken,

he is seen sent flying by the hit. Then, he sits straight up, tells

Tenken it was a "nice hit" and comes back to his feet USING

FLASH STEP! Now, I have read lots of the articles on this

website, and at Kenpachi's page it states he has no skill in

either Kido or Flash Step. This surprised me, because knowing

he can use Flash Step, then he could've caught up with Captain

Komamura when he fought him and Tosen (unless his Flash Step

is inferior, but against such a big, heavy captain I don't think it is)

and slaughtered them both. He could've also surprised Ichigo with

that Flash Step in their first fight (final blow, simply go to Ichigo's

back and stab him like crazy) and actually won. Now, captains had

to use FULL FORCE, like is seen when Ichimaru leaves Ichigo, Chad,

Orihime etc. alive when at the gate. If this is not done, then there will

be some kind of punishment, even though it has yet to be seen what kind

of punishment. And even though Yachiru is the only one who could possibly

have seen him use Flash Step, could this mean he has some skill in Kido too?

The fact that he couldn't use Kido always surprised me, since he can control

his reiatsu to a certain level (e.g. releasing it, possibly focussing it on Ichigo

to paralyze him).

Ok, thats it. What do you guys think?

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