Ok, here goes:

I read a lot of speculation lately about how the Zanpaktou arc is going to end. I also read a theory about Koga being a Kuchiki. Having just seen this episode, you might have noticed that both the words "Koga" and "Kuchiki" were used fairly often in the same sentence. Also, since the entire episode is just one big flashback, you might also have noticed the episode didn't really have that much value to the story. All it did was explain a little of how Koga got there. And even so, it didn't even explain how, where or when he was captured. It just shows him walking away with Muramasa (who, by the way, has somewhat different powers then I had expected judging from the other episodes) and not returning. Guess he went off to kill some Soul Reapers, and summon some weird black waving Zanpaktou-spirits. (which, again, don't make much sense to me) If so, he would've been caught doing so. My real problem here is that Koga stabbed Muramasa. Even though I expected Koga to end it, the problem here is that his sword is too short to really stab someone good. Plus, he's holding it at like 20 centimeters distance from Muramasa, which is pretty much the entire sword's length. so the wound Muramasa received cannot be lethal. THEN WHAT IS THE FRIGGIN' POINT OF STABBING HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE?? IF HE WANT TO FRIGGIN' KILL MURAMASA (good plan) JUST FRIGGIN' MAKE HIM GO INTO YOUR INNER WORLD AGAIN AND COMMIT SUICIDE, DAMMIT! YOU WOULD'VE SAVED US ANOTHER SH*TLOAD OF EPISODES IF YOU JUST WOULD HAVE CONSIDERED MAKING A PLAN IN THOSE YEARS YOU WERE SEALED AWAY! WHAT THE **** IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?! CAN"T YA USE YER" F*CK*NG BRAIN?!?! USE THAT GREY MASS YOU CALL BRAINS OR SOMETHING AND MAKE A F*CKING PLAN!!!  YOU HAD YEARS TO COME UP WITH A F*CK*NG PLAN, EVEN A F*CK*NG R*T*RD LIKE YOURSELF COULD'VE MADE A GENIUS PLAN IN THOSE ST*PID YEARS YOU WERE SEALED AWAY! DIDN"T COME TO MIND? YOU WERE BORED  TO DEATH IN THAT ST*P*D COFFIN FOR YEARS, NOT BEING ABLE TO DO ANYTHING FUN BUT THINK OF HOW IT'S GONNA BE AND YOU F*CKING GO TO SLEEP? WHAT THE H*LL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU???

Just saying. It doesn't make sense to me.

I apologize for the people I have offended because of the language in this post. I sincerely didn't mean to offend anyone, I just wanted to let everyone know how I felt when I watched this episode. Hope I made it clear to everyone.

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