I'm SO PISSED OFF!! Even though Ulquiorra died beautifully, it WASN'T ENOUGH!!! I cried, damm*t, because it simply CAN'T END HERE! I knew he'd die, but I figured "oh well, Ulquiorra will live for a few moments longer, because the anime will make another non-cannon fight or something in which Ichigo and Ulquiorra fight together, after which Ulquiorra dies"! EVEN HIS DEATH SCENE (although I liked the change in his eyes) WASN'T WHAT I EXPECTED IT TO BE!! IT'S ULQUIORRA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! THEY CAN'T JUST THROW HIM AWAY LIKE THEY DID WHEN GRIMMJOW WAS BEATEN!!! (which, in my opinion, if he died there, was a HORRIBLE death scene) I really hope this isn't the end of Ulquiorra. If it is, I'm going to stop watching Bleach. Seriously. Then again, he could come back to life in the very last episode/chapter. So I'm going to stay a fan until then. But I am pissed off.thumb|300px|right|My heart is still with you, even if my eyes are not...

Ulquiorra RIP. He will be missed. A moment of silence please. (I knew he'd die but now he's dead in both manga and anime)


Have a nice day everyone. I'm gonna cry myself back to sleep.

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