Jai Pathak

Jai Pathak

Wow, that's big news...

Now, every now and then you gotta except that you're favorite charcter dies.....Well, to all Unohona fans, choose a person who is similar to her(like Zaraki) to be you're favorite. Those of you who can't get over it...I'm not sure what to say. There are many characters in the bleach universe, bad guys, good guys, and just plain old recurring characters. Sometimes, people choose a recurring character to be their favorite which isn't actually a bad idea. Anyways, to all of you who had Unohona as ure favorite, choose Zaraki!(not such a bad idea!) :) Now, to get to the topic, Unohona was a beast in power! Now, Zaraki seriously rivaled her and killed her to achieve...Well, power and Unohona was happy about it. Yeah, that's basically it for this blog post and the preview of my next topic of my second blog is about Ichigo losing his shinigami powers! See you next time! :D

P.S This is my very first blog ever in bleach wiki!(actually in all wikis!) Anyways, hope to see you next time in my next blog! :D

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