Ive noticed something with translations... they don't line up correctly. The Japanese characters used in the names of attacks and weapons, are actually Chinese characters.

Getsuga Tenshou, which it says means Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer, does not actually translate to this. Either there was a mistranslation somewhere, or someone just decided to call it that, I don't know. But what I do know is that the characters when placed in a translator, are Chinese, and they translate to "Crescent Uranus". Either I'm crazy, or the translator is bugged, but this this does not align. and when put under Japanese trantion, it doesn't even form an English word!


That is what this, 月牙天衝, means.

Can someone explain please, how this, 月牙天衝, is translated into "Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer"?

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