I would like to state what status or what happen to each shinigami and quincy in 2nd invasion


1st Div - Kyoraku-unknown Bankai (faced by Jugram, currently unknown), Ise-unknown shikai (faced by Jugram, currently unknown)

2nd Div - Soifon (beat BG9, injured, unconsciousness), Omaeda (1st fight-injured by BG9, 2nd fight-unknown-maybe defeated by BazzB)

3rd Div - Otoribashi (Defeated by Mask, killed by Gremmy, currently with Isane)

4th Div - Kotetsu-unknown Shikai's ability (faced by Guenael Lee later Gremmy, currently healing Rose and Kensei)

5th Div - Hirako-unknown Bankai (1st fight-defeated by Bambietta, 2nd fight-unknown-maybe defeated by BazzB), Hinamori (unknown-maybe now currently healing Hirako and Soifon)

6th Div - Kuchiki (currently fight with a quincy), Abarai (1st fight-beat Mask, 2nd-fight-currently fighting BazzB)

7th Div - Komamura (beat Bambietta, turn completely to wolf), Iba-unknown Shikai (with his captain)

9th Div - Mugurama (defeated by Mask, killed by Gremmy, currently with Isane), Kuna-unknown Shikai (unknown), Hisagi (1st fight-defeated by Mask, 2nd fight-currently fighting with a quincy)

10th Div - Hitsugaya (1st fight-injured by BazzB, 2nd fight-beat CanDu, unconsciousness), Matsumoto (defeated by CanDu, unconsciousness)

11th Div - Zaraki (beat Gremmy, injured by Bambietta's Squad, unable to moved), Kusajishi (1st fight-beat Guenael Lee, 2nd fight-injured by Gremmy, currently missing), Madarame & Yumichika (1st fight-defeated by Mask, 2nd fight-injured by Giselle's Zombie)

12th Div - Kurotsuchi (gonna fight Giselle), Kurotsuchi-unknown Shikai (unknown, maybe with her captain)

13th Div - Ukitake-unknown Bankai (unknown), Kuchiki (1st fight-beat AsNodt, 2nd fight-currently fighting BazzB)


1. Kirinji-unknown Shikai's ability & Bankai (currently fighting with Juha, Jugram, & Uryu)

2. Hikifune, Nimaiya, Shutara, & Hyosube-all unknown Shikai & Bankai (waiting in their city)


1. Urahara-unknown Bankai & Shihoin-unknown Shikai & Bankai (currently with Ichigo, Sado & Orihime in 12th squad barrack)

2. Aizen-unknown Bankai (still imprisoned, unknown)

3. Tsukabishi-unknown Shikai & Bankai (unknown)

4. Aikawa-unknown Bankai, Yadomaru, Sarugaki & Ushoda-unknown Shikai (finish fixed the distortion between Soul Society and the Human World)


1. Ichigo (fighting with Bambietta's Squad, later faced another four quincy makes it 8, going to Royal Palace soon)

2. Sado & Orihime (going to Royal Palace soon)


A. Yhwach (in Royal Palace, fighting with Kirinji)

A. Ishida-unknown ability (in Royal Palace, faced by Kirinji)

B. Haschwalth-unknown ability (in Royal Palace, faced by Kirinji)

D. Askin-unknown ability (observing others fight, unknown)

E. Bambietta-The Explode (defeated by Sajin, killed by Giselle, turn into zombie)

F. AsNodt-The Fear (killed by Rukia)

G. Liltotto-The Glutton (fight with Zaraki later Ichigo, currently fight with shinigami)

H. BazzB-The Heat (1st fight-injured Hitsugaya, 2nd fight-fighting Renji and Rukia)

I. CanDu-The Iron (defeated by Hitsugaya, killed by Jugram)

K. BG9-unknown ability (defeated by Soifon, killed by Jugram)

P. Meninas-The Power (fight with Zaraki later Ichigo, currently fight with shinigami)

S. Mask-The Superstar (1st fight-beat Yumi, Ikkaku, Hisagi, Kensei, & Rose, 2nd fight-killed by Renji)

T. Candice-The Thunderbolt (fight with Zaraki later Ichigo, currently fight with shinigami)

U. Nanana-unknown ability (currently fight with shinigami)

V. Gremmy-The Visionary (1st fight-killed Rose & Kensei also injured Yachiru, 2nd fight-killed by Zaraki), Guenael Lee-The Vanishing Point (defeated by Yachiru, killed by Gremmy)

Z. Giselle-The Zombie (killed Bambietta, fight with Zaraki later Ichigo, currently fighting with Mayuri, Ikkaku, & Yumichika)

then, so many power like shikai & bankai of some shinigami also the epithet of some quincy that Kubo need to reveal in this final arc.

yet we still don't know the face and epithet of three sternritter (including Ukitake's opponent).

While Shaz, Pepe, and Mr.Glasses*(kyoraku's opponent) didn't yet reveal their letter

  • i don't understand that Kubo still didn't yet reveal at least Mr.Glasses true name unless he kept it because he was a true young aged of Uryu's Grandfather

i hate when Kubo finished some character without revealed their true power and ability just like what happen to Unohana (when we still clueless about her Bankai's ability) and BG9 (we still don't know the meaning of his "K", yet he already die)

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