• Rahmaru

    1st Div - Yamamoto (the creator of gotei 13 and Shin'o Acedemy)

    2nd Div - unknown (guess someone from Shihoin family)

    3rd Div - unknown

    4th Div - unknown (maybe Kirinji-the creator of healing skills)

    5th Div - unknown (maybe Hyosube-the one who decide all names of things in soul society)

    6th Div - Unknown (guess someone from Kuchiki family)

    7th Div - unknown

    8th Div - unknown (guess-someone related with Kyoraku)

    9th Div - unknown (maybe Nimaiya-the creator of zanpakuto-since 9th squad popular with sleeveless captain haori)

    10th Div - unknown (guess someone from Shiba family)

    11th Div - Unohana (the creator of Art of Killing)

    12th Div - unknown (maybe Shutara-the creator of guard/shield)

    13th Div - unknown

    1st Div - Yamamoto

    2nd Div - unknown (guess someone from…

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  • Rahmaru

    I would like to state what status or what happen to each shinigami and quincy in 2nd invasion

    GOTEI 13

    1st Div - Kyoraku-unknown Bankai (faced by Jugram, currently unknown), Ise-unknown shikai (faced by Jugram, currently unknown)

    2nd Div - Soifon (beat BG9, injured, unconsciousness), Omaeda (1st fight-injured by BG9, 2nd fight-unknown-maybe defeated by BazzB)

    3rd Div - Otoribashi (Defeated by Mask, killed by Gremmy, currently with Isane)

    4th Div - Kotetsu-unknown Shikai's ability (faced by Guenael Lee later Gremmy, currently healing Rose and Kensei)

    5th Div - Hirako-unknown Bankai (1st fight-defeated by Bambietta, 2nd fight-unknown-maybe defeated by BazzB), Hinamori (unknown-maybe now currently healing Hirako and Soifon)

    6th Div - Kuchiki (curren…

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  • Rahmaru

    gotei 13 captain rank

    February 5, 2014 by Rahmaru

    i would like to rank which captain are more strong in all terms (current time) with my opinion...

    1) UNOHANA - well she is the first generation captain, 1st kenpachi, the badass criminal soul society ever had, oldest as yamamoto, mastered in kido, mastered her bankai long time ago, most experience, lot of knowledge, even her strength surpass by zaraki, she has lot of other skill to defeat anyone

    2) KYORAKU - well he is currently captain commander, most experience, lot of knowledge, mastered his bankai, intelligent, mastered in shuunpo, have one of two zanpakuto that have a pair in SS's history, only used shikai to defeat 1st espada, dangerous shikai and bankai, stated by yamamoto that he's one of the strongest one where there is no one of hi…

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