Hey everybody, in this here blog I'm asking the question, "What would your dream fight in Bleach be?" Try to be casual about this though and not get all picky in the details for example if someone said their dream fight was "Ulquiorra vs. Byakuya" don't go arguing that Byakuya can't possibly beat Ulquiorra because say, Ichigo beat Byakuya with bankai alone but even with bankai and hollow mask Ichigo couldn't even hurt Ulquiorra's first resurrection. Just go on as though both players (or more if you'd like to see a battle royale) are on fairly even ground.

Personally I'd love to see "Kenpachi vs. Grimmjow" and the fight to take place in Fake Karakura Town because of the range of ways the fight can go in that environment. I like seeing fights that travel over a large area and not just stick to a single place, like with "Hisagi vs. Findor" their fight in the anime traverses the entire town, they start in the residential area before taking it to the sky, Hisagi being beaten to the bridge across the river. Then after revealing his shikai they fight in the city before ending in a clash between Findor's cero and one of Hisagi's blades which the resulting blast effects the nearby park.

A fight like that between Kenpachi and Grimmjow would be a sight to see, at least I think so.

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