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Crunchyroll's Bleach poster.

Updated - Well they've done it. Crunchyroll has achieved their goal and starting June 8th they shall be simulcasting Bleach on their site same time TV Tokyo airs for paying members. If you do not have membership then you'll have to wait until the following week to watch the episode is standard definition. Subtitles are going to be provided by Viz Media so you can expect their usual translation work.

For Crunchyroll's news post on what's going on, go here. And if you want you can visit their Bleach page and watch the countdown they have going till they start simulcasting [1], you know, just in case you get bored.

Well basically this is how it goes. Dattebayo released a news post recently with them talking about how Crunchyroll plans to petition to TV Tokyo to allow them to stream episodes of Bleach online. If this happens Dattebayo plans to drop Bleach as there would now be a licensed provider, or something along those lines.

News Post -

Now I've only heard about Crunchyroll, never gone onto it until now. So after seeing this post I went to their site and see how things work there, and as far as I can gather their site only offers the oppurtunity to watch the episodes and not download as Dattebayo did. They are also more strict with their subbing, as Dattebayo put it, "Hidan's transition from a raging foul-mouthed psychopath to just being kind of rude." (He was a Naruto character, swore a lot originally but not so much in their subs apparently)

Now for those who usually just watch Bleach online you can help Crunchyroll achieve it's goal by signing their petition here.

Personally I'd prefer Dattebayo keep subbing because they're fairly quick on the upload and the quality is fair good, plus I can download the episodes once and then can watch it whenever I wish without having to go online again and use up even more of my internet allowance, but it is out of my control. I can only hope other sites such as BleachExile find somehwere else to get Bleach other then Dattebayo so I can download from there.

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