I'm alway getting annoyed when people tell me how they believe this person had no chance of winning when the other has recently acquired new heights of power, only to be outraged when the person that lost goes ahead and does even better without any obvious improvements.

Two good examples of this is Ichigo vs. Kenpachi and Hisagi being the one to finish off Tosen. Look, I know this is just my opinion and I know many people will disagree with this but for the sake of it I'm gonna say it anyway.

Yes, Bleach is about fighting, yes Bleach has extremely powerful fighters in it that make things go boom, and yes I know that Ichigo tied with Kenpachi without bankai or vizard mask and a half-dead Hisagi took out a hollowfied Tosen.

Here's how I see things, moments such as these arent about killing or beating someone, these are examples of Tite Kubo trying to convey the meaning of a situation that I feel many people have missed out on because they focus on Bleach as a manga about fighting alone and they believe there isn't any real meaningful things in it.

Ichigo vs. Kenpachi - The entire point to their fight was to prove that a Shinigami is a lot stronger when working together with their Zanpaktou then if they ignore it such was Kenpachi's case then. This is one of those times the focus was meant to be on storyline, not two guys fighting to the death. It was also done to develop Kenpachi's character by giving reason for him to want to communicate with his Zanpaktou and revealing how even he's got feelings and you shouldn't just view him as a killing machine.

Hisagi & Komamaru vs. Hollowfied Tosen - Again, focus is on storyline. You can get all tied up thinking how a hollowfied Tosen is supposed to be extremely powerful and feel robbed that he was defeated by a Vice-Captain, but this death was symbolic to how it doesn't matter how powerful you become, the minute you lose yourself is the minute you can be beaten. Tosen was lost in his desire for power and revenge, and as such allowed for Hisagi to deliver the final blow.

Oh and for those who I only managed to confuse because what it says there I apologise, explaining things isn't my strong point. Prophet of Sanghelios 02:28, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

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