Yay I'm back! Thought I'd do a blog this week.


Okay so, first thing I did was read this weeks chapter. Gotta say, in terms of storyline this could be seen as either good or bad. Don Kanonji turning up was definitely a terrible choice for storyline, but for comedy, I couldn't breathe for a good five minutes. I mean, the sight of Kanonji trying to take on Aizen! It's so sad I couldn't help but laugh.

And the whole Zangetsu/Hollow Ichigo fusion, like Lemursrule said in Lia's blog, at least it isn't the dance they had in Dragonball. And the result of the fusion was pretty decent looking, I'm fairly curious what this new guy is capable of.

Oh new thought, does the result of the fusion get his own article or do we just have a small section at the bottom of Hollow Ichigo's page? Or has this been discussed already and I'm just late to the party?

Rangiku turning up at the end, so when exactly did she pass Ichigo and Isshin? Isn't time meant to be almost stopped for those passing through the Dangai or does she get her own personal dimension? The whole thing's confusing so I'm just gonna leave it alone really.



Wait for it........


....there ya go! Even the anime got it wrong.

Well I don't have as much to say about the episode this week other then I love how Shunsui's fight with Starrk has been animated. While it did have a shakey start with Shunsui asking to see Starrk's cero, once it hit Los Lobos being released the quality took a sharp turn in the right direction. Cero Metralleta was just awesome. I cannot wait until we get to see his wolves and reiatsu blades.

And yes the Vizards are back, and they really didn't have to fill in the last 5 minutes with a massive flashback of the TBTP Arc. To be honest other then Kensei, Love and maybe Shinji, I'm not all that interested in the group. What I'm looking forward to most in the next few episodes is Hisagi, Komamaru and Tousen, because really that's the best the anime has to offer coming up in my opinion.

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