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January 11, 2010
  • Prophet of Sanghelios

    Yay I'm back! Thought I'd do a blog this week.

    Okay so, first thing I did was read this weeks chapter. Gotta say, in terms of storyline this could be seen as either good or bad. Don Kanonji turning up was definitely a terrible choice for storyline, but for comedy, I couldn't breathe for a good five minutes. I mean, the sight of Kanonji trying to take on Aizen! It's so sad I couldn't help but laugh.

    And the whole Zangetsu/Hollow Ichigo fusion, like Lemursrule said in Lia's blog, at least it isn't the dance they had in Dragonball. And the result of the fusion was pretty decent looking, I'm fairly curious what this new guy is capable of.

    Oh new thought, does the result of the fusion get his own article or do we just have a small section at the bo…

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  • Prophet of Sanghelios

    Updated - Well they've done it. Crunchyroll has achieved their goal and starting June 8th they shall be simulcasting Bleach on their site same time TV Tokyo airs for paying members. If you do not have membership then you'll have to wait until the following week to watch the episode is standard definition. Subtitles are going to be provided by Viz Media so you can expect their usual translation work.

    For Crunchyroll's news post on what's going on, go here. And if you want you can visit their Bleach page and watch the countdown they have going till they start simulcasting [1], you know, just in case you get bored.

    Well basically this is how it goes. Dattebayo released a news post recently with them talking about how Crunchyroll plans to petition to…

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  • Prophet of Sanghelios

    New - Well after the most recent chapter it looks like I can throw most of these out the window for now, well it was fun while it lasted. At least number six is still standing strong and I love how "serious" Isshin is taking his fight with Aizen.

    1)Ichigo is revealed as being a Shinigami/Arrancar hybrid. Isshin is the shinigami part and Masaki is the Arrancar part. Wether Masaki was natural or artificially made I don't know but this could lead to how Isshin met her and learnt of the arrancar, but like Nel she was peaceful and a relationship was created between the two. Soul Society would never of let this continue leading to Isshin and Masaki going to the living world in undetectable gigai's supplied by Urahara. Isshin knows how much Masaki …

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  • Prophet of Sanghelios

    Hey everybody, in this here blog I'm asking the question, "What would your dream fight in Bleach be?" Try to be casual about this though and not get all picky in the details for example if someone said their dream fight was "Ulquiorra vs. Byakuya" don't go arguing that Byakuya can't possibly beat Ulquiorra because say, Ichigo beat Byakuya with bankai alone but even with bankai and hollow mask Ichigo couldn't even hurt Ulquiorra's first resurrection. Just go on as though both players (or more if you'd like to see a battle royale) are on fairly even ground.

    Personally I'd love to see "Kenpachi vs. Grimmjow" and the fight to take place in Fake Karakura Town because of the range of ways the fight can go in that environment. I like seeing fights…

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  • Prophet of Sanghelios

    I'm alway getting annoyed when people tell me how they believe this person had no chance of winning when the other has recently acquired new heights of power, only to be outraged when the person that lost goes ahead and does even better without any obvious improvements.

    Two good examples of this is Ichigo vs. Kenpachi and Hisagi being the one to finish off Tosen. Look, I know this is just my opinion and I know many people will disagree with this but for the sake of it I'm gonna say it anyway.

    Yes, Bleach is about fighting, yes Bleach has extremely powerful fighters in it that make things go boom, and yes I know that Ichigo tied with Kenpachi without bankai or vizard mask and a half-dead Hisagi took out a hollowfied Tosen.

    Here's how I see thi…

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