• Prinzvon-licht

    Okay so as you may or may not have know, After today's chapter bleach is going on a 5-6 week hiatus. Roughly two months. It's returning in the 41 issue of jump.. in September. Tite says this hiatus is needed so he can prepare himself for the remaining chapters of bleach to give it all. So I'm sorry to say, but it seems that's we're going to have to live without bleach for the rest of the summer. And it sucks considering he left us with, yet another cliff hanger.

    This chapter was pretty standard. Shunsui explains why his friends have to bid Ichigo farewell, basically explaining that Ichigo could come back to the real world with a power so strong is could affect it. He gives them and Ichigo's family passes to travel and visit Ichigo in Soul S…

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