have you guys read the new chapter? it was a pretty awesome one!! so we get to see omaeda show some courage!! hopefully he won't run from this one (considering he has to protect his little sister and all) he's going up against the quincy who took soifons bankai, BG9 (i wonder what his name stands for?) anyways, toshirou and bazz b's battle starts (which seems like a pretty kool match since its a fight against opposing elements and stuff like that) and this time we get to see some tag team play with toushirou and matsumoto! and we sorta got a little science lesson out of it.. anyways cause of teamwork, bazz b got himself cornered and screwed.. but is that really it for bazz b? i have a feeling this battle of ice and fire ain't over yet.. also, omaeda vs BG9, who will win? how will the battle turn out? did omaeda do some intense training before the second invasion? will soifon pop in to help omaeda out? and who is BG9? what's behind that mask? could it be..

a. just someone behind a mask? b. an arrancar that was chosen by his majesty himself? c. some dog face creature thing like komamura? (it would be pretty interesting if it was c.)

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