so with the wandereich invading seretei, we get to see an all out war against soul reapers and quicies! we probably get to see soulreapers do some amazing stuff we have yet to see (new bankai's, kenpachis zonpakuto, whatever komamura was doing, etc.) same with the quincies doing whatever they do. the soul reapers will probably face off with the same quincies they fought when they invaded the first time or mix it up a bit? who knows.. anyways, remember the first fight we ever saw with a soul reaper and a quincy? (second fight if you think that fight with uryu and renji was an actual fight) wouldn't it be crazy if mayuri and uryu fought again? uryu nearly killed mayuri in their last battle and with mayuri's current knowledge with quincies he probably has something up his sleeve. uryu, on the other hand, probably has something under his sleeve too. so wouldn't it be awesome if these guys had a rematch?

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