Well, it's now official: Ichigo used Mugetsu and his powers are officially gone.

Soooo...what filler arc are they going to attempt next? I mean, they've done Bounts, Shusuke, Turn Back the Pendulem (though, you can't really complain about that one because I've heard some Bleach fans haven't read the manga.), Zanpakuto Alternate Tale, and the Toju thing. Even I would be tapped out of ideas at this point. I know, there's the mini-arcs, and the omake segments are hilarious sometimes (Byakuya's phone thing=fail), are they gonna entertain the fans until the series gets back on track? I know the upcoming episodes, but past that? Maybe they'll just create an arc and not include Ichigo in it this time?

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't watch 309 entirely. It appears they're milking it a little much. ♥Phoenixfeather!♥

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