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  • PcRetro

    Shunsui with no eye patch?

    November 28, 2013 by PcRetro

    Did anyone else notice that he didn't have an eye patch in any panel in chapter 559? Do you guys think this is just an art mistake by kubo, or what? I mean I can see him screwing up one panel, but the eye patch wasn't there in the chapter at all (At lest that I can see..)

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  • PcRetro

    Okay, so as we all know, Quincy are Human. Now all Quincy are dead excepted Ryūken and Uryū, who are Human. So now we see the Sternritter, who have not be confrimed Human, so does anything they are or aren't? Also, what is up with BG9? He is a robot (we can assume), so even if the sternritter use to be Human, how is he a Quincy if he isn't alive?

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