(MORE TO COME LATER) So basically we start off with two new shinigami...a boy named Yuki and a girl names Shino that start off being deployed to Karakura Town after the department of research and development discovers that the reishi of many hollows are suddenly vanishing...So Mr.Afro Mc.Fluffy pants sets the 2 shinigami on their way...The two split up and Yuki find himself against a hollow. He starts to run away and then several more hollows catch up with him...He cries out to Shino then running near the end of a street and sees that Shino is being crushed by a hollow...He tries to save her but is mortally wounded and left immobile as Ichigo arrives to help asking who these shinigami are and remarks that they better not be like Mr.Afro Mc.Fluffy pants.

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