First off as this is my first post I would like to thank all the contributors and editors which make this site so great... I remeber when there was no bleach community in The united states and I had to be a walking billboard for this manga any who onto to the show.

My Thoughts on Young Strawberry

I have for the longest time figured Ichigo would be the final villian of this manga ( At least 4 years ago) and I think its finally starting to come together. I know this has been suggested before but I don't think anyone has really put all the pieces together. As I think that the change over is coming as soon as the end of this Arc (rumored to be June) I will lay out a full argument because I would love to have some feedback from all you guys who think Aizen planning all this from the start is a croc or otherwise bulls**t. First of all I must state that I think Kubo didn't know way back in the SS ark that Aizen was watching Ichigo his whole life he came up with it later. Ok enough prologue this is my theory.

Gotei 13

First of all I must state that I don't think Aizen is over powered. I know that that is in its self enough to start a flame war but hear me out. I think of the Gotei 13 as one Captain Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and 13 military units made up of Sargents (Called Captains) their second in command (Vice Captains) right on down. I base this huge assumption on a few things first on all there is the elephant in the room and its called the Royal Guard anyone who was truely powerful would have been already promoted to this Elite unit. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that no one in the Gotei 13 is strong I'm just saying that most people of Aizen and Yami ji's level of expertise would have most likely been promoted long ago or in other words the Gotei 13 is much like the Marines of our country, the first to be deployed. Another big reason for my assumption for this is Yam ji's willingness to destroy everyone in order to defeat Aizen. Do you guys really think that he would he would have destroyed everyone if he didn't think that there was another branch that could take over the Gotei 13's role of protecting soul society and the human world. Also as evidence I would like to state the following battles which show the ineptitude of the Gotei 13 thus undermining their claim to strenght ; Ishida Vs Mayuri Kurotsuchi ,Ichigo Vs Byakuya Kuchiki ,Ichigo Vs Kenpachi Zaraki (3 out of my 5 fav battles by the way) there is no way that any of the "Captains" should have lost these battles to a couple of kids without any real combat experience. In the past the Gotei 13 was responsible for destroying the entire clan of the Quincies and your telling me a captain lost a straight up battle to one??? And then Ichigo defeats one the best swordsman (The meaning of Kenpachi) and a captain of Royal Blood. I believe this shows that the Gotei 13 is the equilavent of a triple A league right there.

My Thoughts on Aizen Sosuke

The man with the plan alot of people seem to think he is over powered or some kind of demi god I really don't think so and i have a couple of reasons. First of all I think he needs to be this strong considering that if he he can complete his plan and get the key he will go from playing with the Kanas City Mud dogs (Gotei 13) to playing with the Yankees ( The Royal Guard). Imagine 13 Yami ji level opponents (If the Royal guard has 13 captains) how could he hope to contend with them if he has trouble with the Gotei 13 it just wouldn't make sense. There is also another large Elephant in the room and they are called the Vasto Lordes yet to be officailly introduced. They are already stated as having higher than captain level Reiatsu. They must be introduced eventually and I believe once they are transformed into Arrancar they would most likely destroy the Gotei 13 therefore there must be fighters of higer calibur to face them in the future. Ok one more point on Aizen just because he is sucessful at creating the kings key does not mean he automatically becomes king of Soul Society he can win this battle without bleach ending or everyone present having to die and I'm sure someone like Kisuke Urahara or Nanao Ise has a nice trap waiting for him if he manages to make it to soul society to make the key. Also i don't think Aizen would be stupid enough to go after the king right after he makes the key anyway a man of his intelligence would most likely send scouts just as he sent Ulquiorra Cifer and Yammy Riyalgo to scout Karkura town.

My Speculation

I believe there is a reason why Aizen hasn't shown his Shikia realease to Ichigo yet. Its not because he could easily defeat him without it, to someone like Aizen this would be a pitiful reason. With so many fighter even one that could see through his ruse could be game changing. The reason is Aizen is planning on driving Ichigo to the edge of despair to draw out his true strenght and in that moment he will use his Shikai or even his Bankia (which I believe might be some kind of mind control) to bring Ichigo over to the darkside thus pulling a reverse Darth Vader (going for the son instead of the father). With Aizen , Gin, Ichigo and an Espada like force of Vasto Lordes Aizen might actually have a force worthy of Facing the Royal Guard.

That at least is what i see coming but its not like KT is whispering in my ear or anything this is just some of the possible ways he could go at this point. I look forward to the other Otaku on this site reading and reacting to my musings this is my first and no where near my last post ok boys tear me a new one...

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