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    Musings of a Shin Otaku

    March 31, 2010 by Omegaday

    First off as this is my first post I would like to thank all the contributors and editors which make this site so great... I remeber when there was no bleach community in The united states and I had to be a walking billboard for this manga any who onto to the show.

    My Thoughts on Young Strawberry

    I have for the longest time figured Ichigo would be the final villian of this manga ( At least 4 years ago) and I think its finally starting to come together. I know this has been suggested before but I don't think anyone has really put all the pieces together. As I think that the change over is coming as soon as the end of this Arc (rumored to be June) I will lay out a full argument because I would love to have some feedback from all you guys who t…

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