So, i'm really unsure about this chapter.

3 things that annoyed me - Page 2 was recapping what last page of chapter 505 - which is annoying enough in the Anime let alone when you wait a week for 20 odd pages and one is used up on something thats already been covered. The other thing - the Shunsui and 'Ned Flanders Quincy' showdown felt like a massive waste of space. I'm expecting something big will come of it, but in the mean time, they are taking their sweet time talking rather than doing anything. If I got shot in the eye, i wouldn't naff around chatting to the guy, go shikai on him and then attack him! or something... As Nodt - done and dusted. After having so much time in previous chapters and causing the death of one of the most popular captains - he's one shotted with 3 other starknights. Just makes Buyakuya's death seem all the more pointless. Assuming he is actually dead.

but anyway - rant over. Kubo certaintely delivered an ending I wasn't expecting, which makes up for the whole chapter as far as I'm concerned. Yamamotto's Bankai??!! The last picture is just burning with raw anger and power. Couldn't have ended the chapter any better I don't think.

It does, however, beg the question - will it get stolen and then the Seritei gets taken over afterwards? Next week's chapter I expect will be continuing Hueco Mundo, or a new fight in the soul society.

Any other thoughts/ comments?

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