With the end of this arc, we may presume that a new bleach game is going to be released, I am writing this article to say things I expect from the new game:

Dynamics of the game play: much like Bleach versus crusade, with a huge area, 3D movements, some relevance to the air space and special attacks in real time, not movies as most of the games.

Characters: I do not see the necessity of hundreds of characters, something that I hate is when the game invent some attacks, it is ridiculous!! I prefer, instead, a little less characters, but well done. I mean that characters that haven’t shown much abilities shouldn’t be on the game such as unohana, hyori, some lieutenants, between others. And NO orihime or kon and some other pitiful characters.

Individuality of the characters: I would appreciate if each character were made carefully, so their attacks and attributes be more like in the game like yoruichi moving faster, zaraki giving more damage and taking less, ichigo having more energy to give more special attacks, etc. Each character could even have different controls, to be more adapted to each characters needs. Some abilities such as mayuri shikai and barragan respira should be a bit changed, otherwise it would be 1hit kill, but it would be really nice if most of the abilities worked as in the manga.

Game modes: the battle mode, could be up to 8 characters in game, 4 players and 4 pcs(in a big big stadium). history mode, fight as the winner of every fight in the manga and maybe make a free running stage between the fights to kill some weak but numerous opponents such as hollows or unseated shinigamis, to reach the next fight place and destroy a bit of the scenario(destructive instinct) =p

My characters wishlist:

Character(second stage/third stage)and(other form) comments


Soifon(shikai/bankai) shikai if you hit 2 special attacks u win bankai if u hit u win

Omaeda (shikai)


Kira (shikai)every time u hit the opponent move slower, every time u cross swords, the opponent attack slower

Aizen (shikai)and(crisalida/superaizen) u can only use the second version fighting alone 3 more persons




Shunsui(shikai) no more flower attacks, real abilities only

Tosen(shikai/bankai)and(hollow mask/ressurecion)


Komamura(shikai/bankai)with the bankai disvantage, but a LOT of damage in trade

Hitsugaya(shikai/bankai)lots of abilities and you better run when he use the hundred flowers funeral


Zaraki(eye patch off/two hands) the character for who don’t know how to play


Yumichika(shikai) the real shikai as one attack

Mayurii(shikai/bankai) if the mist gets you, you will start taking damage slowly until the end

Ukitake(shikai)perfect against energy atack users(getsuga, cero, kido, lanssa del…, tobiume etc)useles to others


Ichigo(bankai/hollow mask)

Hollow ichigo(bankai/vasto lorde) you can only use him fighting alone 3 more persons

Ishin????????? If he show something else .

Urahara (shikai) also with those nice kido

Yoruichi(shunko) the fastest and one of the strongest shunpo as teleport for combos

Uryu(sele shneider)untouchable, run and shoot

Chad(brazo direito del gigante/ esquerdo del Diablo)

Shinji(shikai/hollow mask) in his shikai, turn the enemy view 180 degrees buahaha shinji rules!!!

Love(shikai/hollow mask)

Rose(shikai/hollow mask)

Kensei(shikai/hollowmask) we don’t know nothing about his bankai

Hyori and lisa?????I wouldn’t put they, we don’t know anything special beside the appearance of the shikai




Ulquiorra(ressurecion/segunda etapa) there should be a minigame to kill TK called REVENGE

Noitra(ressurecion) only take damage on strong attacks and attack fast with santa Teresa

Grimjow(ressurecion) he could be in the revenge game as well

Zommari(ressurecion) after you hit with amor you could have some controls to make come to you or push back and even stop an attack to prevent combos, really interesting

Szayel(ressurecion)no Gabriel, but the crushing organs and the clone techniques MUST be in the game, also interesting

I wouldn’t put aaroeneiro, no known abilities in ressurecion

Yammy(ressurecion) he should keep on changing as in the manga, the less life(more irritated)the more power



Wonderweiss(ressurecion) if he isn’t fighting yamamoto, he still got lots of arms

I wouldn’t put privaron espada and fraccion, but they could.

Well, that is only what I think and how I imagine a good game, if you would change something , comment=]

Sorry about the mistakes… and thanks for reading!

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