• Noyas

    I was just taking a look on some bleach wiki 's pages when I realize that the arrancar saga article wasn't there anymore!!! it was one of the best pages on this wiki and someone just deleted it or changed of place. There you could read all the histories and detailed battles since ulquiorra's arrival to the present, if you look on the shinigami saga page, on the bottom you'll see written the arrancar saga(which used to be a link) now in red and counts as if the page doesn't exists. If someone knows what happend to that page or were it is now, please tell me, I'm in dispair and it's also a huge loss to this wiki. thanks

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  • Noyas

    The perfect bleach game

    June 28, 2010 by Noyas

    With the end of this arc, we may presume that a new bleach game is going to be released, I am writing this article to say things I expect from the new game:

    Dynamics of the game play: much like Bleach versus crusade, with a huge area, 3D movements, some relevance to the air space and special attacks in real time, not movies as most of the games.

    Characters: I do not see the necessity of hundreds of characters, something that I hate is when the game invent some attacks, it is ridiculous!! I prefer, instead, a little less characters, but well done. I mean that characters that haven’t shown much abilities shouldn’t be on the game such as unohana, hyori, some lieutenants, between others. And NO orihime or kon and some other pitiful characters.


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  • Noyas

    There are lot of issues that I've about bleach and that I'd like if someone could answer me

    1How exactly Soul Society works?Do you appear as you were before?Do you have your memories?How are family made?Who decide in which destrict you are?and who is in the royal families. Can someone be born in there? Does people age?(there are a few that does, but the most don't)

    2 When Aizen says:"since when did you thought that I wasn't using kyoka suigetsu" there appear one image of him(hinamori) fighting hitsugaya, so how did she could break komamura's sword or survive to soifon's attack?

    Those others I just would like to know your opinion:

    3 is it possible that all captains are going to be back at full strenght due to unohana?

    4 who is going to fullfill …

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  • Noyas

     there isn't no way to compare they and one of them is definetly the strongest arrancar

    Yamy is the espada 0.

    Ulquiorra has the "segunda etapa"(wich aizen have never seen).

    magera is fighting kensei with bankai, wihout releasing his ressurection.

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  • Noyas

    Aizen's shikai

    December 24, 2009 by Noyas

    I think that aizen has to break the hipnosis if he want to attack. All the times he has used his shikai in a battle, he appeard one moment before he attacks.That is probably the only open spot to defeat him and if i'm wrong it would be nearly impossible to kill him, once you have seen his shikai, he could just nulify all of his opponent's senses and kill him with ease. And I was wondering if his shikai is that powerfull, what is his bankai? shure, IF he has bankai.

    what do you think about it, I'm right, or wrong?

    ps:sorry about the englihs mistakes =p. --Noyas 11:43, December 24, 2009 (UTC)

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