So its been about 3 months in Bleach universe that Aizen, Gin and Tosen betrayed Soul Society and left 3 seats open in the Gotei 13. I, for one, would love to see these seats be filled, either by old or new characters. Though I'm wondering what everyones thoughts were on the subject. Do you think it's time to fill in the ranks in the next "short arc" or do you see them being vacant for a while?

To me, there are 3 possible scenarios when it comes to filling the ranks. One that I here most often is promoting within the ranks, such as Renji or Ikkaku. And although it would be cool to see them elevated to such a prestigious position, I also see it very unlikely as they don't have the necessary experience to fill in as Captain. Yes, they have Bankai, and they're powerful fighters even for lieutenants, I still feel like they're years away before being qualified for the position. Renji is more likely a future Captain in some timeline, but Ikkaku is so determined to stay under Kenpachi, that he wouldn't take the position.

Next, which to be honest is a favorite of mine, is to have some of the Vizards take up their old positions. I would love to see Kensei become a Captain again. Something about him makes me feel like he wants to hold onto his Shinigami roots and use those powers more than his hollow's. Plus, it would bring some justice to the fact that he released his Bankai and then taken out off-screen. We didn't even get to see what his Bankai can do.

And lastly, just introduce new characters to fill the spots. I find this one to be highly unlikely because they would have to introduce 3 new characters, even though i would love to see new characters, shikais and bankais, but alas, we probably won't.

What are your thoughts?

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