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February 22, 2010
  • Northstar1012

    So its been about 3 months in Bleach universe that Aizen, Gin and Tosen betrayed Soul Society and left 3 seats open in the Gotei 13. I, for one, would love to see these seats be filled, either by old or new characters. Though I'm wondering what everyones thoughts were on the subject. Do you think it's time to fill in the ranks in the next "short arc" or do you see them being vacant for a while?

    To me, there are 3 possible scenarios when it comes to filling the ranks. One that I here most often is promoting within the ranks, such as Renji or Ikkaku. And although it would be cool to see them elevated to such a prestigious position, I also see it very unlikely as they don't have the necessary experience to fill in as Captain. Yes, they have Ba…

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  • Northstar1012

    As I was reading the issue where Shinji released his sword and fought Aizen, I started to think about something. Shinji explained what his weapon does to Aizen, even though it was a fight to the death. He managed to cut Aizen and then further explained the ability and what happened next? Shinji was powned.That part got me thinking. Why the hell would you explain your weapon's powers to your enemy? Why provide the slightest advantage or opportunity to an opponent that plans on killing you? I have no doubt that Shinji could've landed a few more hits if he just kept quiet and attacked. He might not have beaten him, but at the very least, been in better shape.

    I know Kubo needed to explain the abilities, but honestly, this is a fight to the de…

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