I was rewatching the Hueco Mundo arc and reading when they go back in the most recent arc and there's something that's been bugging me for a while: Why do they keep saving the Arrancar?

In the Hueco Mundo arc Orihime saves Lili and Menoly after Grimmjow kills them, and later on Unohana heals the Privaron Espada Chad defeated, keeping him from dying. When they return to Hueco Mundo in the most recent arc Ichigo quickly fights Kirge in order to save the Arrancar he's killing.

My question is, why do they save them? If you remember a Hollow is the spirit of a human that's been transformed, and they had to be killed to purify the soul and send it to Soul Society. Arrancar are made from Adjucas-class menos, which probably means there are thousands of human souls trapped inside them. Maybe on the new arc saving them makes sense because the enemy are Quincy and they destroy the souls, but it looks like they're saving them because they're "living" beings rather than to protect the human souls.

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