I LOVED the last chapter. the last few panels were certainly this fanboy's dream! after watching Rose, Koma and then Lisa get cut down i thought "well here we go again" but as soon as Kyoraku popped out the shadow i thought this is ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought the work by all the captains was awesome in the extreme and that last panel is burned onto my brain with a massive :D next to it.

Now I have said before about my reservations regarding Aizen and his all too impressive power so i won't go into that but i, along with most others have no doubt that in the first few panels of 392 Aizen will emerge and everyone will gasp and curse Aizen and his incredible mind......zzzzzzzzz sorry dozed off there. anyways enough rambling here's my crackpot theory of the moment:

As seen in the TBtP arc Aizen can actually make you believe someone else is him using his Shikai. it didn't state specifics about how far away he had to be but i'm sure a nearby rooftop is far enough... of course what i'm getting at (it's in the title) is that Aizen is making everyone believe Gin is Aizen and vice versa and that three captains and a Vizard just took down everyone's favorite silver haired bad dude rather than Aizen.

I know this wont be popular even to my own ears as i am a huge fan of GIn but here are my reasons for this scenario:

1 Aizen hasn't used any power except a kido shield at his back to fight with, for someone with such a mastery over kido he could have done something far far more impressive than be on the defensive in that regard.

2 the only thing we have seen him do is move incredibly quickly and cut the hell out of Tenken/Koma and do the old western catch the whip trick. I would think all of this would be within Gin's power.

3 Aizen is a masssive jerk who would use such a crappy tactic to gauge how the Gotei 13 will take him down and then use that knowledge to avoid it.

Of sourse when did the switch happen is up for debate, i would guess during the smooke and impact of Ichigo's first attack making it his fault.

as i said last time if i had it my way Aizen would bite the dust and Gin would be the main villian. He was mean to Rukia just for fun and took great pleasure winding up Toshiro to breaking point and in my eyes a far more interesting villain but i can't help but see this as the way Aizen will get out of the situation he's in now.....

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