OK so this will probably just sound like me being overly picky but a few things have been bugging me now and with another to add to my list in this weeks chapter i had to let off steam and see if it's not just me!!

So i have been noticing instances of hypocrasy in what is said by characters compared to what is an actual reality. now a few of these have been argued to death so i won't spend to much time on some but i'd still like to see if some of you have noticed others:

  1. Dual Blade Zanpaktou's, now i know that kubo writes on the fly and that kazeshini is awesome and that there has been many a discussion around whether it can count as a blade but what Yama-jii said about Kyrokau and Ukitake is wrong. In the english dub it says exists as two seperate blades.
  1. Espada +cuarto release: Ulquiorra specifically said that the top four couldn't release in Las Noches because they could destroy the place with threlease of spiritual pressure. But Yammy released just fine, big stupid lunk!! could this be because he releases in stages and he isn't at full power or again id it another moment where the story just ignored a previously set standard.
  1. now this is the newbie, Aizens spiritual pressure: ok so only last chapter Aizen killed a bunch of people merely by being near them. the fact that there were bodies strewn over the road in my opinion was that just by being near a person whether concious or not would kill them. now this chapter tatsuki and Keigo both have another person on their back but nothing happened. so what does that mean? do you have to be concious or were they far enough away (even though Aizen stated it was suprising that T&K kept their lives or again was something established just ignored again!!

Now there were a bunch of others but my mind wanders and i can't remember everything else. Please comment on the above and add any others you remember, i always value your opinions.

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