So i guess because i´m on the Europoean Time zone i´m probably up and caught the new Bleach before most, however i wont tread on the toes of my favorite blogs. I just want to know one thing -


was it a mistranslation last week? or were the (admittedly awesome looking) colour panels all we´re getting??? i fell a little duped, i mean i didn´t even see a new character that may be appearing (unless the wierd dudes with white and purple hair are them) just colour shots of shinigami that i assume will be part of the movie.

I was expecting a prologue or any kind of information not just the colour shots. Maybe i jumped the gun and Mangastream just haven´t uploaded it yet i dunno but colour me dissapointed......... chapter rocked by the way, would like to see the new wierd guys pan into something more than throwaway baddies.

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